Alumni News - Marcus D. '18

Marcus Donchuanchom, Assumption School Class of 2018, is currently a Junior at Moreau Catholic High School was recently awarded the prestigious Robert Collins Memorial Scholarship on March 23, 2021.   To be eligible for this scholarship, the student must be in Junior and a member of the California Scholarship Federation, CSF is a statewide organization honoring outstanding academic achievement by high school students. The recipient of this scholarship would also need to promote high standards of service, citizenship and leadership achievements.  The committee reviews all applications and the top three finalists were presented to the school President, Principal and Board Chairman for a personal interview.  The next day final selection was made and Marcus was announced as the winner of this scholarship.
Brief description of the scholarship:

Robert M. Collins was a Moreau Catholic High School faculty member from 1978 until his death in 1985 at the age of 35. He served as an instructor, adviser, Business Department chairperson and school Business Manager. Among his contributions was the founding and fostering of the California Scholarship Federation (CSF) program at Moreau.

Bob deeply believed that the school’s CSF chapter should promote high standards of scholarship, service and citizenship. His parents, Mr.& Mrs. Richard Collins established the Robert M. Collins Memorial Scholarship to honor the personal and professional contributions of their son to Moreau Catholic High School.

The Robert M. Collins Memorial Scholarship is a four-year scholarship which is awarded to a Moreau CSF student in good standing during the second semester of his/her junior year. The scholarship continues through the recipient’s senior year at Moreau Catholic High School and the first two years of attendance at an accredited college--provided all criteria of the scholarship continue to be met. This year's award is a total of $18267.00, spread over the course of the four years of the scholarship.